white mountains, new hampshire

An iPhone photo-dump of a week walking + camping in the White Mountains.

pine tree above a green valley

Boulder Loop trail (2.8 mi)

twisted and bare tree against forest foliage

Welch-Dickey Loop trail (4.4 mi)

red and white butterfly on a pine branch

White admiral butterfly on Welch-Dickey

tuft of yellow grass against a dark green valley

Welch-Dickey Loop

two pine trees against the sky in black and white

Welch-Dickey Loop

pile of rocks on a mountainside

From the summit of Mt. Washington

rocky mountainside overlooking valleys below

On Mt. Washington

mountainside trailhead with a pile of stones

On Mt. Washington

distant lake and hut on a rocky mountainside in black and white

Lake of the Clouds & hut from Mt. Washington

pine tree on a stony island

Lincoln Woods trail to Franconia Falls (6.8 mi)

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