shop in progress

Since the start of the new year (2023), I’ve been working on sourcing and designing simple postcards to be printed and sold here on the integrated shop section of my website. Postcards have been my favorite medium of print for a while now, for their small size and affordability compared to real prints. Storage is low-investment space-wise and display is as easy as taping to a wall, which is how I have curated my postcard collection of the past several years.

I plan on having my works printed on an uncoated or matte card because I want the texture of the paper to be a part of the image. I’d like these cards to evoke risograph print textures, but still maintain enough detail to be affordable photo prints in their own right. If nothing else, this project will be a useful foray into very basic graphic design in Photoshop.

The mock-ups below will be the first two images available if I am satisfied with the proofs.

postcard of a large waterfall flowing onto a black rocky beach below postcard verso mock-up postcard of a winding road through a valley under a smoky haze postcard verso mock-up
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