1. april drawings

    2023-05-02 14:57:41 UTC
    green mesa ribbon canyon glósóli helion cove I’m trying to build a more coherent body of works for the e(art)hworks portfolio, but here are the experiments and explorations in between.

  2. e(art)hworks

    2023-04-07 22:57:00 UTC
    Been working very slowly on a few drawings I am somewhat enthusiastic about printing, either as postcards or risographs. I’d like to get to a set of four, and have been thinking about a theme of western landscapes and colors, especially based on the aesthetic of Allah-Las. I definitely would…

  3. adobe fresco round-up (2022)

    2023-01-11 14:32:00 UTC
    Since 2021, I’ve been using the Adobe Fresco app to gradually reactivate my drawing process in a low-stakes way. Following are a selection of vector + raster drawings made in 2022 over the course of months, experimenting with color + pencil texture. In 2023, I’m following the thread of paper…

  4. shop in progress

    2023-01-11 01:28:00 UTC
    Since the start of the new year (2023), I’ve been working on sourcing and designing simple postcards to be printed and sold here on the integrated shop section of my website. Postcards have been my favorite medium of print for a while now, for their small size and affordability compared…

  5. details, new hampshire

    2022-10-05 17:15:00 UTC
    Addendum to the previous journal post: some 35mm black + white film scans from NH walks… Boulder on the Discovery trail Pool at Sabbaday Falls Cliffs over Sabbaday Falls Textures at Sabbaday Falls Trail pines leading to Sabbaday Falls Fungi on the Lincoln trail to Franconia Falls

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